Collastin Eye Cream

My trial with Collastin was wonderful.   This is a very serious wrinkle cream that makes wrinkles go away quickly and also treats your skin long-term to prevent future wrinkles from even appearing.  That's the good news.   The bad news is if you're really looking for a EYE specific cream.   This means a cream that zaps under eye bags in particular, and focuses on dark circles too.    Collastin simply doesn't do that.   In this regard it finishes lower on my list for eye creams.   If I was simply looking for a cream to erase wrinkles, Collastin would be my choice for an overall anti-aging cream.

Collastin is a wonderful product for immediately hiding wrinkles and lines, especially crows feet.  It contains a fermented hyaluronic acid that draws moisture DEEP into the skin, and binds the moisture molecules to the skin.   This causes a plumping effect, much like an injection would cause... but of course, without the injection.

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However, this eye cream does not address two of the most important factors that an eye cream must help:  Under eye bags, and Dark circles or rings around the eyes.

This is a pretty costly eye cream, that doesn't help bags and circles.  That means that it is not the favorite option for many people.  However, if you are ONLY looking for a cream to hide wrinkles fast, and plump the lines around your eyes, then you might find this cream a great option.