Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel

My trial and error with various eye creams or gels went on for about 10 years.   I literally tried hundreds of creams that claimed to help eye bags and wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.    I felt like I was searching for the holy grail of eye creams, and I thought that I would NEVER find something that really worked.    Until one day.    That was the day I finally tried a boutique-brand of eye gel called the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel.    That day was a life changer.

Now, before I get into the full review of the product and it's ingredients I want to address one of the most common questions I get about this gel - Are there any Special Offers or Deals for first time customers?    The answer is YES.   They offer $10 CASH OFF for New Customers Only.    You can get this offer by using this link only.  Sometimes they have different offers on their official website.

OK, so let's get into the actual REVIEW of this Dynamite Eye Gel.

I have learned that the ability of an eye cream to actually DO WHAT IT CLAIMS is solely dependent on the Ingredients that it contains, and their concentration.    Dermagist's Eye Gel is an absolute Powerhouse in this regard because the ingredients it contains are Precision engineered to execute Very specific tasks.   Plus, they are combined in the perfect concentrations, and in the perfect amounts in comparison to the other ingredients.   The result?   A cream that plain and simple, dominates in the Big 3 areas of Eye Cream Customers:

1.  Quickly Reducing Under Eye Bags and Puffiness .   Dermagist uses a very expensive peptide called Eyeliss to reduce under eye bags and puffiness.   Those unsightly bags are caused by an accumulation of fatty globules that tend to gather under the very thin layers of the skin around the eye.   Usually, this is Underneath the eye, but sometimes can be in the eyelids too.    These fatty globules that look like "bags" can actually be broken down and digested by the body's natural defenses.   The peptide Eyeliss (when in the proper concentration) breaks these fatty deposits into tiny pieces, which are then carried away by the bloodstream and digested by the body.    The result is a dramatic improvement in the puffy appearance of the eye.   Now, this is NOT some quick fix that goes away when the cream washes off.   (like many so called "tightener" creams).   This treatment continues to improve the skin with use, and continues to help improve and prevent baggy eyes with use over time.    I have found NO OTHER CREAM that helped my under eye bags as much as Dermagist, and continued to do so on a Long-term basis.

You can get $10 OFF this product by using this link.

2.  Removing Dark Circles and Discoloration Around the Eye.  Dermagist uses a peptide called Haloxyl to dramatically and quickly reduce discoloration and dark circles around the eye area.  Those "dark circles" are caused by the accumulation of loose blood particles that have leaked out of capillaries  in the eye area.    They tend to gather together under the thin layers of skin under the eye, giving that "dark" look.    The Haloxyl peptide in Dermagist does 2 things.   First, it breaks up and helps the body digest the loose blood particles so that the dark coloration around the eye goes back to normal.   THEN, it also strengthens the capillary walls so that future "leaking" of blood particles won't happen as much.  In that sense, the Dermagist eye gel also prevents future dark circles from appearing.    The concentration of Haloxyl in the Dermagist eye gel is PERFECT, and it's also combined in the exact proportion to the other ingredients that is required for optimal performance.    The cost of Haloxyl is very high, but Dermagist believes it's worth it, and the product gives the consumer the highest possible benefit as a result.

3.  Smoothing and Hiding Wrinkles and Crows Feet.   The deep creases between the eyes and the crows feet and other lines around the eye area are among the MOST STUBBORN wrinkles that exist.   Therefore, your basic moisturizer is NOT going to help hide or heal them.    What is needed on this type of deeply entrenched wrinkle is a serious peptide (and more).    Dermagist uses Matrixl, the copper peptide that actually tricks your body into producing collagen and elastin like it did when you were a baby.   As we age our bodies produce less of these vital substances which preserve smoothness and elasticity  in the skin.   When we apply Matrixyl in the correct concentration (like Dermagist uses) your collagen and elastin levels will increase and the smoothness can return to your skin.    ALSO, Dermagist contains apple stem cells which mimic healthy new skin cells and stimulate your body to generate smoother, younger looking layers of the skin.    These two ingredients in Dermagist are a Potent one-two punch against wrinkles and lines.

Here are the Best Special Offers and Pricing that I found for Dermagist Eye Gel

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