Dermagist Neck Cream is My Favorite Choice.

My trial and error with various neck creams went on for about 10 years.   I literally tried hundreds of creams that claimed to lift the saggy skin on my neck, and firm it up while Erasing the deep wrinkles I had too.    I felt like I was searching for the holy grail of skin creams, and I thought that I would NEVER find something that really worked.    Until one day.    That was the day I got a bottle of the Dermagist Neck Cream, and NEVER LOOKED BACK.  This cream has changed the way I look and the way I feel about myself.

Now, before I get into the full review of the product and it's ingredients I want to address one of the most common questions I get about this cream - Are there any Special Offers or Deals for first time customers?    The answer is YES.   They offer $20 cash off, and Free Shipping for New Customers Only.    You can get this offer by using this link.  Sometimes they have different offers on their official website.

OK, so let's get into the actual REVIEW of this Miraculous Neck Cream.

I have learned that the ability of a neck cream to actually DO WHAT IT CLAIMS is solely dependent on the Ingredients that it contains, and their concentration.    Dermagist's Neck Cream is an absolute Powerhouse in this regard because the ingredients it contains are Precision engineered to execute Very specific tasks.   Plus, they are combined in the perfect concentrations, and in the perfect amounts in comparison to the other ingredients.   The result?   A cream that plain and simple, dominates in the Big 3 areas that Neck Cream Customers Demand:

1.  Instantly Firming Loose Neck Skin .   Dermagist includes a very expensive yet natural ingredient in their neck cream for instantly tightening skin.  It's a peptide called Sesaflash.  What Sesaflash does is penetrates the skin and tightens the cells together.  This effect has been seen with other ingredients that all use a "film" on the skin that tightens as it dries.   While that may work, it's uncomfortable and also goes away after you wash the skin.   Sesaflash does NOT leave any film on the skin, and continues to treat the skin with a tightening effect over time... it's not a temporary "wash off" ingredient.   In addition to the fabulous tightening effect that Sesaflash has, it also treats skin with Deep penetrating moisture with continued use.   So you see, it actually treats the skin like a long-term wrinkle remover while you're enjoying the instant-result satisfaction of seeing an improvement in your neck skin right away.


2.  Long-term Tightening of Saggy Neck Skin.   As our skin ages, it slows (or stops) it's production of two VITAL factors that keep skin elastic and firm, Collagen and Elastin.  When we're young, our skin produces those easily, which is why babies have such soft supple skin.   Dermagist uses the peptide, Matrixyl, to actually TRICK YOUR SKIN into producing Collagen and Elastin like it did when you were a baby.   This method of working at the DNA level in tightening skin is a long-term approach and will actually get your skin to start behaving and looking younger very quickly.  The best part is that since your skin will be producing it's own collagen and elastin again, you are essentially preventing new wrinkles from forming and delaying the aging process even further for your neck skin.

You can get this offer by using this link

On TOP of this, Dermagist uses Apple Stem Cells in the neck cream formula which mimic healthy, young skin cells.  They sort of "confuse" your skin cells into acting like new again and regenerating youthful healthy skin cells.  This makes wrinkles less visible, makes the skin smoother, and even improves the overall completion and texture of the skin.

These two ingredients are a very serious one-two punch in terms of long term tightening and smoothing of loose neck skin.

3.  Penetrate and Heal Deep, Stubborn Wrinkles of the Neck.   The deep creases of the neck area are definitely helped by the Matrixyl and Stem cells that I describe in the previous section.   Plus, the instant effect of the Sesaflash I discussed also helps penetrate and heal deep wrinkles.    But, the neck area is unique in that a good many people's neck skin is very "crepey" and thin.  This makes wrinkles look even worse than they are.    That's why Dermagist includes a pure formulation and perfect concentration of high-end Shea Butter.   Shea butter is known for thickening the skin, sealing in other ingredients so they can treat your skin better, and for softening and increasing the health of skin cells.    By including this natural ingredient in the formula, Dermagist ensures that the precision engineered ingredients are given an optimal condition to work on your skin, while also getting the benefit of the Shea butter itself.

Truly, these ingredients are the perfect combination for treating the loose, stubborn skin that many people suffer from in their neck area.


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