Eyelighten Eye Serum

My process with Eyelighten was quite pleasant.  I don't suffer from horrible dark circles, but I do sometimes have some discoloration around and underneath the eye.   I waited to use Eyelighten until I was experiencing a period like this.    I was surprised with how well Eyelighten brightened my eye area and eased the look of the darkness my eyes were showing.

The price of it is great, at around $49 per bottle.   However, I ended up going with a better formula that could offer me some help with the under eye bags and wrinkles too.   I would strongly recommend Eyelighten to someone who doesn't really have wrinkles and bags, and just wants a cheaper product to fade that darkness.

Much like our #2 Choice, Eyelighten is a lower-priced option for people who don't need an eye cream that helps all 3 major area.   Eyelighten focuses ONLY on helping darkness and discoloration around the eye area.

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By using a specially engineered peptide called Haloxyl, Eyelighten directly attacks the loose, accumulated blood particles that often gather under and around the eyes.   By helping the body digest them, AND by strengthening the "leaky" capillaries that caused them in the first place, Eyelighten can be a blessing for people with dark eye circles.

Again, if you want to reduce wrinkles, crows feet, or eye bags, then Eyelighten is NOT FOR YOU.  But if you only care about dark circles, you might like it.