Phenomenon Dermal Filler

I was completely blown away by the power of Phenomenon to make a wrinkle disappear.  I had heard that contains these prisms that reflect the light and make the wrinkle virtually impossible to see... it's true.   It really works.   In terms of a wrinkle cream and a temporary fix for wrinkles that happens to also offer long term treatment, it's a great choice.

HOWEVER, I need an eye cream that aims to help the under eye bags and dark circles that I had.  In that regard, Phenomenon just doesn't cut the mustard.    I ended up selecting an Eye cream that was a better formula, BUT I do use Phenomenon (still) for a basic wrinkle cream.

Phenomenon cream is known as a "Dermal Filler".   This means that it draws tremendous moisture to a wrinkle, and plumps it up.   Where Phenomenon goes the extra mile, is by literally HIDING a wrinkle from the human eye.

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How does this happen?  It happens through the use of microscopic prisms in the cream.   You see, the human eye does not actually "see" a wrinkle.   What it sees, is the SHADOW inside a wrinkle.    The prisms in this cream actually reflect the light in the room, and make the shadow in the wrinkle go away.  This renders the wrinkle invisible to the human eye.

So, if you are ONLY focused on getting rid of crows feet, and wrinkles around the eye area, then Phenomenon might be a wonderful choice for you.   But, if you want to get rid of bags under the eyes or dark circles, you will be better off using a different cream, because Phenomenon does NOT address those factors.