Phenomenon Wrinkle Cream Review


This item was available to the public for over 2.5 years however in the past 18 months its prevalence has increased dramatically. What is made Phenomenon popular is the unparalleled and distinctive formula. We were amazed at precisely how effective this Dermal Filler was while the manufacturer Dermagist has a long standing reputation for producing the very best skin care products.

The Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler uses a precise blend of contents to instantly smooth wrinkles and conceal skin imperfections before your eyes. What makes this filler is that it strikes the wrinkles quickly and with outcomes shocking, your friends will swear you've had work done. Whether you're seeking to remove deep-set wrinkles or you have some scarring or imperfection you'd like to tackle, the Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler is for.

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We really like the Phenomenon Topical Dermal Filler for several reasons.   It IS a bit more costly than our other choices on this page, which made it a little less attractive to us as consumers, though.

Phenomenon contains microscopic prisms which reflect the light inside of a wrinkle.   Why, you ask?    Because the human eye doesn't actually SEE a wrinkle.   It seems the SHADOW inside a wrinkle.   By applying this cream, the prisms reflect light and eliminate the shadow in your wrinkles.   This makes them go away right before your eyes.

On the long-term basis, Phenomenon also treats wrinkles with Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid.   This type of treatment causes moisture to plump and fill the wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, and face.    Additionally, the peptides it contains like Matrixyl, boost your skins production of vital substances which keep skin elastic and supple.